Thanks Marin!

Who would have guessed that my foul-mouthed, grungy memoir, Farm City, first published way back in 2009, would be chosen as One Book, One Marin for 2014? Not me. Not my mama. But somehow it has happened.


Here’s me and a bunch of librarians and a couple of booksellers at the launch event for OBOM, at Book Passage in Corte Madera last week. I didn’t know what a big deal it was until I got to the store, which was packed, and saw this massive wall of Farm City at the front of the store.

That’s Joe, a high school teacher who is starting an urban farm at Redwood High, just down the street from Book Passage. They already have a garden, but the school is going full-out with chickens and other projects. I can’t wait to see that grow.

The premise of One Book, One Marin is to have everyone in your community read a book together; but from that book comes an opportunity to branch out and learn more. In the case of Marin and Farm City (which I sometimes misspell Fart Cimy, the librarians and everyone else involved put together a great list of events and workshops: urban beekeeping, food and social justice, raising goats and rabbits with K. Ruby from the Institute of Urban Homesteading. Check out these free events–it’s an amazing list. I’m so proud to be a part of this.

My next Marin event will be at the Pt. Reyes Library, March 8 at 3pm…hope to see you there!

10 responses to “Thanks Marin!

  1. How EXCITING – Congrats!!!

  2. That is so cool! Congrats!

  3. Don’t apologize for Farm City! It was a fascinating read for me until you got to the pigs, and then it was amazing!

  4. I loved (love) your was a wonderful find, in my own public library, on the “New Releases” shelf. So interesting and entertaining. So thank you, thank you! And congratulations! (We do a “One Read”–, same concept–also!).

  5. Christina VanDyke

    They loved you! It was great to get to see/hear/meet you! I need to get your new book, more! more!

  6. Congratulations! I love Farm City so much, I bought a paper copy to read on the beach a few summers ago. Then last month i bought the Audible Audio to listen to while i work in my first ever winter container garden. See what you started?

  7. Congratulations! I truly enjoyed Farm City. It is very inspiring.

  8. Hi Novella, Thank you so much for a very enjoyable evening at the One Book One Marin Kickoff! You’re a great speaker and it was fun to hear about life after Farm City!

  9. Just finished your book today. Jealous of your delicious dumpster diving options and opportunity to raise animals in the city. In Michigan, few cities allow animals, even those and benign as chickens. Loved the book and very inspired!

  10. I read the book! Looking forward to your interview by Michael Krasny this Wednesday at Dominican University.

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