Tonight: Me and the Kraz

Sorry for for the short notice, but I’ll be at Dominican University tonight at 7pm in conversation with Michael Krasny. We’re going to be talking about my first book, Farm City, which was selected as this year’s One Book, One Marin read. The event is in the Angelico Concert Hall. Good times! Take a hike, then come on over to Dominican.

3 responses to “Tonight: Me and the Kraz

  1. Oh wowowow I adore and respect Dr. Michael Krasny so much and listen to his KQED Forum show daily online. By the way I just got a review copy of your new book that comes out in June. All I can say is WOW. Am so loving the book.

    You are someone I so admire and when in Oakland and driving by your place we smile. We are in the Angels Camp area and want to make it to one of your gatherings this year.

  2. And we are looking forward to having you in Marin again on May 22 at “Turn the Tide” @ Redwood High School. We look forward to having you back 🙂

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