I swore I would do it, and I did: got rid of my iphone! GOT RID OF MY IPHONE!

Got a flip phone. It’s a little like living in the early 00’s. I like it. But it’s also like part of my brain is gone. For instance: I routinely left the house in the first new days of my iphone-less-ness and quickly realized I had no idea where I was going. I couldn’t look up directions. So I’ve been talking on the phone a lot more now. It’s nice. I used to hate phones but now I’m thinking they are way more efficient than sending mulitiple messages over a course of many days in order to make a coffee date. Just pick up the phone and seal the deal.

On that note, here are some more dates where I’ll be appearing, live in person or live on the radio (I’m writing this, looking at an actual physical day book):

September 10: Pollinate (East Oakland) 6:30pm; buy tickets here.

September 16: KQED interview with Michael Krasny! Call in! (not yet sure if it’s 10 or 11am)

September 17: Booksmith (San Francisco); 7:30pm, more details here.

September 18: Oakland Public Library, main branch, 6pm

September 20: Green Arcade Books (San Francisco); 5pm

September 27: Biofuel Oasis Harvest Fest (Berkeley); 2pm

October 16: Lit Quake at Lake Merritt 6pm-8pm in the Lake Chalet

October 17: Oakland Museum of California (More details soon)

October 18: Hayward Reads (More details soon)

October 25: California Book Fest (Sacramento)

Whew, good night.


5 responses to “Unplugged

  1. Last year sometime I gave up my iPhone. Actually, it might have been almost 2 years now. It was the most liberating thing I’ve done. Now if only I could just get my husband to disconnect our internet. I must admit that I miss the maps feature, but I keep a map in my car and try to remember to figure out directions before I leave the house and I haven’t had too much of an issue. At least now I can zone out at the stop lights and I don’t feel this compulsion to check my email every 2 seconds. Because no one emails me anyway… Good luck with your de-iPhoning adventure. I’m still quite happy without mine!

  2. Good for you. I’ve never had an iphone. I’ve stayed with a basic phone–it is cheap and I doesn’t waste my time.

  3. As I am hearing you on “Forum” did I hear correctly your dad is living in Orofino again?

  4. Listened to your interview today on Forum – it was amazing. Loved listening to you and am looking forward to reading your book. Forgiveness, yes! So inspiring.

  5. You should really unplug…no phone. The flip phones are just as dangerous to your health as the iphone, maybe even more dangerous. Once we did the research we not only got rid of our cell phones but our cordless phones ( we are now tethered to our landline house phone) our wireless router & our microwave. Radio frequency radiation is a health hazard.

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