Ding dong my blog is dead

Hello everyone! I’ve moved my site to http://www.novellacarpenter.net
The new website has info about my books and events–there’s one in Fairfax this Sunday 4/30! Check it out…
Just can’t keep up with a blog anymore–sorry!

5 responses to “Ding dong my blog is dead

  1. the new site looks great! been wondering how the farm is doing since i don’t walk by it every day anymore. best of luck!

  2. Too bad! I check in to see if there is anything new going on with you and your farm – but understand when there just isn’t enough time to do everything you want…. I’ll hop on over to your webpage now!

  3. Sorry to see you go. Best of luck with everything!

  4. Any hope of setting up an RSS feed for your events? I’d like to be able to follow that.

  5. Hi Novella,
    I’m so sorry to see you go from the blogosphere. You are an inspiration. Hopefully I’ll catch you on the road.


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