Announcing…A new blog

I’m going retro and restarting this blog! Maybe because spring is here, maybe because I gave up my smart phone, maybe because I’m getting middle-aged and am nostalgic for the blog days, maybe it’s because my child is in kindergarten now…whatever it is, I’m back, and I’m blogging.

Unlike Ghosttown Farm blog, this one is going to focus on fruit trees, urban orchards, and what fruit trees mean to my life, to Oakland, CA, to people all around the world. Urban orchards are a connection to the past, a place to gather, a place to commemorate the dead. Fruit trees span the generations. Fruit trees make us think about our own short lives. There will be interviews with folks starting urban orchards or tending existing orchards. Travel profiles of urban orchards I encounter, or rural fruit orchards that can inform even the small-time grower. Book reviews, tool reviews. Recipes. Orcharding tips. Oh yeah.

I’m just learning about fruit trees and what people are up to in terms of fruit trees in urban areas. Please do send me links and info about your favorite urban orchard projects, fruit tree books, and resources.pomagranates

10 responses to “Announcing…A new blog

  1. Glad you are back!

  2. OMG YAY you are back!!! I just planted a pluerry. I’m excited about that one.

  3. Great news! Speaking of fruit trees, can you recommend a good grafting tape? The one I tried this year was terrible.

  4. Novella, so good to hear you’re back! Missed hearing your thoughts on gardening!

  5. Welcome back 🙂 !

  6. Rebekah Foster

    Thank you for bringing back the blog! I missed your voice!

  7. hooray! nice to see you writing again. i’d like to recommend “the holistic orchard” by michael phillips, it’s very good.

  8. slowmama: i use parafilm, it’s that stuff they use in bio labs. it’s stretchy without breaking.
    christine lee! i wanna try the plueberry!
    christine pappas: yes…i love that book.

  9. I’m SO glad you’re back! I was going to look at some of your old post to get me inspired to start my seeds! I look forward to your fruit tree adventures!

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