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Upcoming Events and Farm Tour

Well hello! Thanks for everyone who came out to Willow and my first live demonstration promoting the Essential Urban Farmer. We showed people how to build this sub-irrigation planter with repurposed plastic buckets.

the white pvc pipe connects to the water reservoir below. I can’t wait to grow a tomato plant in it this summer.

We will be doing another talk on UCBerkeley’s campus this Monday, March 19 at Barrows Hall, 6:30pm. We’ll do a powerpoint presentation, there might be silk screening of aprons!

Next, March 24, I’ll be tabling at what sounds like an amazing conference, called the Economics of Happiness.

Then, April 1, it’s open farm day!!! I’ll be selling greens, t-shirts, and copies of the Essential Urban Farmer. Come on by! 11am-2pm. Corner of MLK and 28th street.

Announcing…The Essential Urban Farmer

Three years ago, bad-ass urban farmer Willow Rosenthal and I were complaining about email. It takes up so much of our time! Questions sent asking about how we plant, harvest, muck, milk, etc were delaying us from planting, harvesting, mucking, and milking. What to do? Write a book of course.

Here she blows, at over 500 pages, it took us the full three years to write the beast.

We are thrilled with the results, and we hope you will be too.

To promote the Essential Urban Farmers we will be at the following places, more to come, and details to be announced:

-February 29, 18 Reasons, San Francisco. Talk at the Women’s Building, exploring the possibilities of urban farming, followed by a dinner discussion at 18 Reasons, to buy tickets for the dinner, click here. The talk will be general admission.
-March 10, Biofuel Oasis, Berkeley
-March 15 or 29, Ecology Center, Berkeley
-April 21, Market Hall Oakland
-June 2, Sunset Garden Expo

See you there, I’ll be there with babe in arms!

Bitch is Back

Hello Everyone!

Had such a nice summer off, but since it’s September 1, I figured I should decide: to blog or not to blog?

After a lot of discussion with friends and advisers, and bathtub sessions where I weighed the evil internet on one hand and the brilliance of connectivity on the other, I’ve decided to return. I think I’ll stop mentioning illegal things that I’ve been up to (so many) what with the man watching and all. So expect a bit tamer blog, ok?

I’ll catch up on what’s been going on at the farm this summer, slowly trickling it out over the next few weeks. In the meantime, I wanted to give a heads up for a couple of things:
-Classes have resumed at the Biofuel Oasis, my place of work. Because I wanted a break, I’m not teaching any classes, but we’ve replaced me with some all-stars (and probably better teachers than me) like Alexis from Soul Food Farms teaching a chicken class, Esperanza teaching rabbits, and Kitty teaching goats. Sign up now at the Biofuel Oasis website.

-My new book is coming out December 27 (hmm, right around the baby coming)! Willow Rosenthal and I have been slaving on this giant how-to book for the past three years or something. It’s called The Essential Urban Farmer. It’s got everything a budding or experienced urban farmer might want to know about growing veggies and fruit, securing land, and raising livestock in the city.

-Farm Stand Open in October…Maybe. We’ll see. But I’m hoping to finally get my use permit and get back to the once a month farm stand featuring greens and honey, carrots and apples. I’m also excited that my dear dear friend L is back in town after a long hiatus in dusty Texas, and we are scheming to sell cut flowers as well as all the glorious veg.

Finally, big news. Are you sitting down? I’m pregnant! Yup, that’s what happens when I take a break. Baby is due on Christmas. Billy and I are so excited. Human livestock. Wait, is that illegal?

That’s it for now, more soon–I gotta re-enter slowly….