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Meet Bebe

I wrote an essay about milking the gorgeous but sometimes bratty Bebe for EatingWell magazine. You can read it here.

And for the kind people who’ve written me to find out what the heck Bebe looks like, her she blows, pictured here on the first day I brought her home, with me and my friend Marg….

And now here she is, with one of her first kids, Orla, who now lives down the street and has kids of her own….

And here she is this morning, eating her kraut, which she loves.

My plan is to take her up North to get boarded and bred when I go to NYC in April. The Biofuel Oasis won a grant from Eileen Fisher, which supports women-owned businesses so we’ve all been invited to go to New York to meet EF and hang out for a few days. I can’t wait. And Bebe will get to meet up with some handsome buck while I’m off partying–talk about win-win. Look for adorable goat kid photos in September…