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Day one

Whoops, forgot that I’m addicted to Lapsong Souchong tea. Feel very tired and grumpy. No headache, but I’m so sluggish. In fact, I took a nap on the hard tile floor of my office this afternoon.

Also, as I munch down my amazing! delicious! geotrichum-rind cheese (thanks, Allison) made from Bebe’s ever-loving udder, I’m wondering if this will be cleansing at all. Will find out. Maybe I’ll patent an all-cheese diet.

Ate an entire jar of plums and am wondering about the consequences of that. Followed by a lot of broccoli. Then more cheese. Hmm.

Decided the salt thing is too much work, I don’t have the time to go to the ocean. So I’m sticking with the Red Diamond. Next time, I promise!

Have a rabbit defrosting in the fridge. Will be frying that tonight in duck fat. Served with greens and some ‘kraut.

Best discovery: nettle tea is really lovely.