The Essential Urban Farmer by Novella Carpenter and Willow Rostenthal, December 2011

Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer: June 2009, Penguin Press

Mother Jones
Retrovore’s Dilemma

Yield of Magical Thinking

Food and Wine

Kenyan Safari

The New American Homesteaders

Diary of a Turkey Killer
Why I Pick Lettuce for the Black Panthers
Where Did the Bees All Go?
The Making of a Garden

Edible San Francisco
Live-Power Community Farm Attracts a Special Sort (SF Chronicle’s website)

  • Tale of Two Squatters
  • Inner City Economics
  • Desert Rat
  • The Hustler
  • Fair Wage Housecleaning
  • Can Game Theory Save at-Risk Kids?
  • How to Be a Foodie Without Breaking the Bank
  • Yoga Couple
  • A Cautionary Money Tale
  • Radical Banking
  • Rancho Costa Nada
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    1. Eat What You Sow: Canning Peach Berry Marmalade - September 9, 2010

      […] Gotta think about that in Oakland — though the first few pages of Novella Carpenter’s Farm City have me thinking I could maybe trade security for the space for bees, chickens, and a 300 pound […]

    2. Of Ghost Town Farms and Pop-Up Markets « GrassRoutes Guides - November 16, 2010

      […] and the regular Pop-Up Markets and farm events there are accessible to anyone in the area. Novella is incredible with words; she’s written a book Farm City, and numerous articles that are well-worth the […]

    3. Inpsiration « Little Fork Farm - December 29, 2010

      […] Ghost Town Farm blog is also fun to read as I try to imagine raising animals. This is the woman (Novella Carpenter) who wrote a book about raising animals and food on an empty lot in Oakland, feeding them from dumpsters and then eating the animals herself. […]

    4. Angela Hermes, RD, LD, CLT | - February 21, 2012

      […] “Farm City” by Novella Carpenter-  I am very interested in urban farming and hope to start an urban farm in my neighborhood on day. The author of this book tells her story of raising bees, chickens, goats, and even pigs on a lot in the ghetto of Oakland. It is truly inspiring for anyone who is interested in growing their own food. Ms. Carpenter shows that we do not need many acres of land to produce enough food for a neighborhood. […]

    5. What Do You Gift a Sustainable Living Transitionist for His/Her Birthday? Tara Firma Farms & Farmstead, Here We Come!!! « Biocadence - September 5, 2012

      […] movement is growing, folks! In the meantime, pick up a pre-owned copy of Novella Carpenter’s Farm City and consider starting your own small […]

    6. A wonderful place to grow ‹ Sugarsnap Vermont Catering - October 22, 2013

      […] listened to Michael Pollan, Kristin Kimball, to name a few. Most recently I listened to Novella Carpenter’s Farm City, the Education of an Urban Farmer. She has a wonderful line that was so good I had to stop the audiobook in order to figure out how […]

    7. Rahanna Anita Frykberg » Blog Archive » We Have Land! - February 17, 2015

      […] reading and watching how to grow food and create sustainable food systems. I stumbled upon “Farm City” by Novella Carpenter. It completely rocked my world. I read and read about this woman farmer […]

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