Want to come visit Ghost Town Farm? Here are our open farm days for 2013, hope to see you soon!

March 22, 2014: FarmStand, 3pm-6pm. Produce for sale!

April TBD

25 responses to “Tours

  1. Hi Novella! I’m looking forward to visiting your farm in September. We are moving to Oakland in the next few weeks after a crazy roller coaster of moves. Knowing that people like you live there, gives me hope that we will finally find our home.
    Enjoy your trip!

  2. Hi Novella. I’d like to come out and tour your farm on Sept. 7th. May I bring kids?

  3. Susan Fourby

    Hello Novella,
    I would like to stop on by on September 7th for your pop up farmstand. I live in the San Leandro Marina and we just started planting our garden. I have your book and just finished reading Farmer Jane. Looking forward to meeting with you. Sue Fourby

  4. Hello, my daughters are excited about the idea of coming to see your farm. May we come visit on the 7th of September? Thanks! We are also looking for some good, organic eggs and goat cheese…
    By the way, although I live in Oakland, I heard about you from a guy in Hyde Park, Chicago! What a small foodie world it is.

  5. Alice McCain

    Hi Novella,
    I cannot come to your open farmstand next week, as I work on Tuesday evenings. However, I would really like to meet up with you to talk about goat keeping in Oakland, where I also live. I had a near-goat experience this past weekend, almost adopted 2. I have a goat cheese goal in the distant future. I know you are quite busy, but if you are able, please contact me to set up an appointment.

  6. Susan Clements

    May I assume that it IS perfectly okay to come unannounced to your pop-up farmstand on November 17th? Thanks, looking forward to my first visit.

  7. ghosttownfarm

    hi susan c! yes, yes, that’s one of the main functions of the pop up farmstand. so people can come by and look around and ask questions. hope to see you there!

  8. I live in Sacramento and I’d love to come visit the farm! When will you be open in 2011 for visitors?

  9. You are coming to visit us on the Central Coast this week, and my students are reading your book. They are looking forward to hearing your lecture at their college. Last week I managed to find numerous pics of the farm, but this week I can’t seem to find them. Could you direct me to them so that I may share them with my students? Thanks!

  10. Our outreach manager, Anne, sent your blog on to me. I will be in Berkeley for my brother’s conference at Berkeley on the 8-10th. Are you having a farm stand that weekend?
    At WW we have about 6 acres of land under cultivation, no animals, that is split between an arboretum and the Saul School for ag sciences. The two programs are there to breakeven and to provide urban ag education to kids, teenages, and adults of all ages…..


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  13. Genesis Sanchez

    Hi, Novella! Would it be okay to visit the farm possibly this weekend?

  14. Courtney Hall Gagnon

    Hi Novella, I read your book Farm City.. It is awesome! My ESL students will be using for a sustainabilty class I am teaching this month in Washington DC. I will be in San Francisco in May for three weeks to visit farms and gather ideas for a few pieces I would like to write. Are you free during that time for an interview. I know the city isn’t allowing tours but I would love to see your operation.. It does not have to be an official tour! My number is 440-758-0303. I can send you my resume if you would like to review my work and volunteer experience with farms. I look forward to hearing back from you. Sincerely, Courtney Hall Gagnon

  15. Emily Kimmel

    Novella, I just finished Farm City. I could NOT put it down. Your witty writing style and matter-of fact language made this read extremely enjoyable. I visited Oakland and San Fran just a few weeks ago, and can’t imagine there being a farm anywhere! I’m thankful for land loving people like yourself and Bill. You take something unused and turn it into something that can feed the people…and yourselves. I’m studying Sustainable Development and Environmental Studies at Appalachian, and can not wait to see you there when you come and speak to us in the Fall. I dying to learn more and hear stories that are untold. Thanks for the laughs and an extremely detailed, informative read!

  16. Emily Kimmel

    gave wrong address. whoopsy.

  17. Gloria Morrison

    Hi Novella, Any chance of a tour for ap. 10 in 2013? I have loved your books!

  18. I read on your blog that you got your permit recently. I am in town until the 17th and would be a dream come true if I could volunteer at the farm. I’ll weed the beds, sing songs to the kale, massage your goat, whatever! Real talk farm city inspired me to have my own garden going on 2 years in a row now. I hope this message gets to you in time.

    Be well!

    John Suozzi

  19. hi novella,
    loved your book…my sweetie and i were hoping to have a peek at your place on tuesday, march 26th (?). i’ll be post-sepp holtzer loma mar workshop and in the area with a car. i’m so sorry we can’t stay until the weekly thursday garden gathering. i have a little urban farm myself near the airport in seattle and would love to connect. please let me know if it’s possible.

  20. Our family is heading from Virginia to San Francisco for a wedding in April. I just finished Farm City and completed my Master Food Volunteer training (like Master Gardener. . . ), both as part of my gearing up to fill the garden beds we’ve had built behind the library I manage, and then do gardening and nutrition programming for people in the area. I’m planning to come to your farm to tour/help/whatever on Thursday, April 11. I’m guessing from reading what you wrote above, it’s okay to stop by, so I’ll do so unless I hear otherwise. I may have a handful of other tourists/helpers with me (my children – 20-28 – no worries, well, there are worries, but not that they are too young to be of help – siblings, cousins, etc. – don’t know who else will bite). Can’t wait! Shari

  21. Traffic and extra trips to the airport are making it impossible for us to make it to your farm this go-round. I’ll save my book for you to sign when I make it back this way again. Enjoy the sunshine! And know you are influencing me from afar.

  22. Hi Novella, I am listening to your book now, and loving it. I have just sown my first seeds and am eagerly waiting for sprouts to peak out of the soil. I lived in Oakland for 6 years while going to college in SF, I love the stories of the characters in your neighborhood. You take me back to those college days. I hope I can come visit next time I am in the Bay Area.

  23. Emily Gallagher

    Hi Novella.

    Your book inspired me to follow suit on my own 1/10th acre in New Haven, CT. I’ll be in the Oakland/ San Francisco area in early August, and wonder if its possible to visit your farm? It would be a real treat to meet you and to see all that you’ve done. Thanks!

  24. Hello Novella!

    Any tour dates in 2016? My daughter and I are planning a road trip up north sometime this spring and would love to see the farm…! Thank you!


  25. Hi Novella-
    I just finished a Permaculture class at UPISF. I came across your awesome farm doing research for my team’s design project.

    I can speak speak for the class and say it would be so great to get a tour of your place and invite folk from class. Let me know if that’s a possibility and we can make it happen!

    Adam in SF

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