Monthly Archives: February 2013

This Thursday

This could be you!


We had a nice workday last week–where were you? It’s starting to feel like spring at GT Farm…Come on over this Thursday to get dirty–and earn some leeks. I think I might have more than 1.5 shovels, too…

Where: 28th street and MLK, Oakland, CA 94609
When: Thursday, February 28th, 3-5pm
What: Bring gloves and water

East BayDar

Hi y’all! See you today in the garden, right? 3-5pm at 28th street and MLK in oakland. We will be moving soil, potting up tomatoes, and spreading mulch. I’ll have some nettle tea to drink.

Also, heads up that I’ll be performing at Michelle Tea’s East Bay version of her popular SF Radar Reading series. It’s on March 2, 8pm at La Pena Cultural Center in Berkeley. If you’ve never been to a Michelle Tea event, know that they are very fun, the whole audience ends up being part of the show, and in general, everyone leaves with a smile on their face. I have no idea what I’ll read–maybe an excerpt from my new book?

Darlings, Open Day

So I’m a dumb-ass. Forgot that we are going to Florida, flying on the 14th, for Bill’s dad’s 86th birthday! See you on February 21. Sorry sorry sorry.

Big news: I’m pretty much finished writing my new memoir, Gone Feral. More on that in later posts.

This means the following:
1. more blog posts, more regularly
2. more gardening, more regularly
3. an open day at GT Farm! specifically, Thursdays, 3-5pm

Two visitors from afar came by today, and while we were pulling weeds in the parking strip, chatting about life and farming, I had an idea: maybe other people would think that is fun too. So, starting on Valentine’s Day, Thursday, Feb 14, I’m going to open up the farm for work days. If you live in the area–Ben!–come on over. I will put you to work.

1. water to drink
2. gloves

A warning: the garden really is trashed. I’m getting it back into shape, but it’s taking awhile. Also, animal lovers: I have no animals, except bees. Dial back the expectations, and you’ll have fun.

See you on V-D (which, btw, I hate as a holiday. Why do lovers need a special day?)–and every Thursday, 3-5pm.