Blustery day

You know it’s a serious storm when the turkeys go inside the chicken house. They usually hang out in the rain, but this morning I found Archie and Edith huddled up with the 7 hens. The wind is literally howling. Luckily, I have a book to write.
And olives to pack up! They’ve been hanging in bags with salt for almost a month, and now they’re ready.

My process is to take them out of the bags and put them in a colander. Then I rinse them with water, and pat dry with a towel.

In quart jars, I pack as many olives as I can (pressing, pressing) and pour olive oil over the olives until they’re covered. This year’s batch is delicious, especially these little nicoises. I’m also brine curing a batch, but they’re not done yet.
Happy storm day, stay in the house if you can!

2 responses to “Blustery day

  1. Riana Lagarde

    we had a red alarm storm watch for us, it was so windy i thought the stove pipe was going to fly off!

    hope you are all hunkered down and well!

  2. Your olives look so tasty! I wish that they grew out here.

    There’s nothing better than being stuck in a warm home on a blustery day, especially when you have a fun and tasty project to do!

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