Texas Report

Texas is hard.
Like it’s so hot, even in November.
Driving through the lone star state, the time/space continuum expanded–or contracted–and we seemed to be in the same place yet hours had passed. Like the Blair Witch Project. Then suddenly, we were in Austin. Land of rivers and trees and my dear friend Leilani and everything was better. I’m riding a bike again. I feel like a new woman. Leilani lives about 5 miles from downtown, in East Austin, so it’s a haul, but lovely to see. I went to the Saturday urban farm stand at Boggy Creek Farm (sorry, still no card reader and now the digital camera appears to be kaput), one of the nation’s first urban farms. They folks who started it are getting old and gray, yet are still so enthusiastic about their farm and providing Austin with some much needed greenery–kales, radicchio, arugula, and chard. Coming from the Bay Area this might seem ho-hum, but compared to the grocery stores in Texas, these greens were a revelation. Funny too, because then I went to the Austin Farmer’s market and was disappointed. All the “real” farmers had was okra, turnips, and meat. Maybe the urban farmers were more in touch with what the urban people wanted? I can only speculate.

2 responses to “Texas Report

  1. Many of us urban farmers are “getting old and grey”. We’ll never give up the fight!

  2. Haven’t been to the Austin Farmer’s Market but even up here in Fort Worth we can get a pretty good selection of vegies at the local farmer’s market…but the secret place to go is the Vietnamese section of town–lots of good stuff there. We can usually find what we need if we look around a little(oh, and Central Market is just down the street too). My wife is from Berkeley originally, me from Laguna, and we’re adapting okay–Texas is a state of mind. And that prairie–wish you could’ve seen it in the spring!

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