I haven’t checked my email or blog in what feels like weeks. We were holed up in North Carolina, near Asheville, at a place called Celo. It’s an intentional community, where our friend Bob lives and farms. I loved being out of touch, and plan to blog about our adventures when I get back. So hold tight. There’s something weird, something too meta about blogging all the time. It makes having a real, genuine experience difficult because I’m always thinking, ‘that’s going to be a great post.’ Look for photos and details in a week or so….

One response to “Hiatus

  1. duane marcus <a href="http://www.facebook.com/people/Duane_Marcus/541048543">Facebook me!</a>

    I’m just returning from 8 days out west so i know what you mean. The first couple of days i wanted to go to Starbucks ( a place i NEVER go) so i could update my blog. I did it once and thought ” what the hell am i doing”. After i let it go i was able to be in the moment and got much more out of the experience. Too bad we swapped coasts. Would have liked to meet you. I’ll probably be heading back out west some time next year for more classes with Paul Stamets. Mybe we can hook up then

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